Desserts By Momma T Messed Up Wedding Cake!

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Desserts By Momma T, of Granite Falls, Nc. Owner is a lady name Tisha. Very nice on phone, and at consultations.

She made my wedding cake. It was colorful and beautiful, just as I wanted. However, it was leaning to the left before she ever left. My uncle, stopped her and told her. Her reply, " It's supposed to be that way!"

My cake was leaning terribly before I ever walked down the aisle. I never got to see my cake before leaning.

My aunt took pictures of the cake, while being decorated, right after decorator was finished, right before wedding started, right after wedding, and during reception.

The cake ended up completely falling 5 minutes after my wedding. The photographer (and also cake decorator's aunt) Helped try and catch the cake, at which point we saved the top. The bottom cracked all the way to the middle, this is what made the whole cake fall.

I had to cut my cake top for pictures to be taken during the toast.

I have made numerous phone calls to Tisha, but she refuses to refund my money and make me a top for my first wedding anniversary.

Email me, before calling her, so I can show you

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I love that last comment. :D

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Mmmmm cake............

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